NYC Girls

Following the photoshoots in the previous posts, here is a short video featuring Amanda Lepore and Connie Fleming

Enjoy ! xx Gabriel

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Connie Fleming wearing Maison Moginot

As well as my friend Amanda Lepore, i also laced up and pictured my other friend Connie Fleming, who was (and still is) a supermodel, love her so much ! She knows Mr Pearl forever, they were roommates back in time, and Pearl also made that cowboy corset for Mugler on Connie.

Now here are a few photos where i had fun making 2 outfits for Connie

xxx Gabriel for Maison Moginot ^^

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Amanda Lepore is wearing Maison Moginot

Last summer was so amazing, in New-York City where i was, i had the great privilege to lace up my friend Amanda Lepore in a special Maison Moginot couture corset !

Then we did this photos at Hotel 17 in a few minutes.. But i love the result !

Here are a few photos


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My corsets on Barbie and @Patricia Field

Here are some photos of my “Fierce” corset worn by Barbie Beach and another girl at Patricia Field.
Love those girls ! Love that store !!
And Happy New year of course !! <3


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LOVE That !

Daphne saved Isabella Blow’s collection when her friend sadly passed the way.
Here is a interview that i find very interesting, where Daphne explains why she did this, why this exhibition, who was Isabella.

I must admit i’m not expert in fashion, and i don’t know much about the who’s who and people’s life.
But from the few i saw from Isabella, i can perfectly understand the connection between the two ladies, beyond their friendship.
It’s just pure art, and showing a vision you have in your heart, assuming your personality, i think it’s just soooo beautiful !
I agree with Daphne, fashion is art, even if it has to meet business to survive, and i wish more people would see it this way !

Congratulations Daphne !

This exhibition is currently happening in London :


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12 One-of-a-Kind Tee-Shirts by Maison Moginot !

Dear All,

I’m very pleased to introduce you to this first collection of One-of-a-Kind tee-shirts.
Each shirt is a handcrafted work, made in France, and each print is unique !

Prints are inspired by an abstract vision of corsetry.

Here are a few of the 12 tee-shirts.
The all collection is available HERE :-)

Enjoy !!

xxx Gabriel Moginot

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Me by Connie Fleming :-)

Last summer as i was in NYC for my 30th bday, i saw my beautiful friend Connie Fleming who i’ve first met in Paris with Christine and Paul Steinitz.

This summer, we made a deal, she had corsets from me and i had drawings from her.
Connie is an amazing drawer !! She also work for the honorable Patricia Field :)

xxx Gabriel Moginot

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Christine by Paul Steinitz

Just to share with you, here is a beautiful portrait of my dear friend Christine Steinitz !
Love her !! :)

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Beautiful Ladies !!

Oh my !… Why i left New-York so fast ?!…

I miss these BEAUTIFUL ladies ! My sweet Amanda Lepore, and the beautiful amazing Daphne Guinness !!
Plus Lady Gaga, never met her, but i love her work.

xxx Gabriel

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The “Fierce” corset, one of my best shape ever.

To Start this brand new e-Shop on Maison Moginot, i decided to create the “Fierce” corset.

This corset, made with the very first technic i learned from Mr Pearl, provides the best shape, reduce your waist to a minimum, protect your rib cage, and improve your hips !

For now, you can find this corset in black, black with floral patterns, nude with dots, and nude with floral patterns.
Here a some photos of the Fierce corset, but you can see more on !

xx Gabriel

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