Antino Angyl Crowley wears Maison Moginot

Antino Angyl Crowley is a YOUNG ! HANDSOME ! SUPERCOOL ! and TALENDED young (again) man that i’ve met for the first time last summer.

We became good friends and i had the pleasure to have him try my corsets and do some photos of him.

Nothing much to say, the photographs speaks by themselves.


xx Gabriel

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Contribution to the MUDAC Museum – Lausanne

Dear all,

I’m very happy to introduce these 2 brand new couture corsets made as a contribution to the MUDAC museum in Lausanne (Switzerland).

The exhibition, called “Nirvana”, will happen from October 29, 2014 to April 26, 2015.

You can find more details regarding this wonderful event HERE.

My first contribution called “Spring Love” is an overbust corset made with black cotton coutil, pink/fushia silk, and Swarovsky cristals.
This “Spring Love” corset is front closed and have 6 suspenders at the bottom edge.

The second contribution called “Jungle Fever” is a corset dress, inspired from Mr Pearl corset pattern and shape.
This corset made in a white floral patterns coutil has deep red stitches and seams.
Embelished with several red, back, and orange cristal beads, a major piece of anaconda leather designs a heart on the front.

Enjoy !

xx Gabriel

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New photos by Ruven Afanador / New book : Angel Gitano

Dear All,

I’m very happy to share with you these brand new photographs taken by the amazing Ruven Afanador.
This shooting that we’ve done last summer in NYC, is part of his new book called “Angel Gitano”.

An exhibition and book launch will happen in November in NYC !

Here are two photos of me featured in this book.
If you want to find more about this project, you can read this article on OUT website.
Also, the book is already available online on Amazon.


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NYC Girls

Following the photoshoots in the previous posts, here is a short video featuring Amanda Lepore and Connie Fleming

Enjoy ! xx Gabriel

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Connie Fleming wearing Maison Moginot

As well as my friend Amanda Lepore, i also laced up and pictured my other friend Connie Fleming, who was (and still is) a supermodel, love her so much ! She knows Mr Pearl forever, they were roommates back in time, and Pearl also made that cowboy corset for Mugler on Connie.

Now here are a few photos where i had fun making 2 outfits for Connie

xxx Gabriel for Maison Moginot ^^

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Amanda Lepore is wearing Maison Moginot

Last summer was so amazing, in New-York City where i was, i had the great privilege to lace up my friend Amanda Lepore in a special Maison Moginot couture corset !

Then we did this photos at Hotel 17 in a few minutes.. But i love the result !

Here are a few photos


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My corsets on Barbie and @Patricia Field

Here are some photos of my “Fierce” corset worn by Barbie Beach and another girl at Patricia Field.
Love those girls ! Love that store !!
And Happy New year of course !! <3


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LOVE That !

Daphne saved Isabella Blow’s collection when her friend sadly passed the way.
Here is a interview that i find very interesting, where Daphne explains why she did this, why this exhibition, who was Isabella.

I must admit i’m not expert in fashion, and i don’t know much about the who’s who and people’s life.
But from the few i saw from Isabella, i can perfectly understand the connection between the two ladies, beyond their friendship.
It’s just pure art, and showing a vision you have in your heart, assuming your personality, i think it’s just soooo beautiful !
I agree with Daphne, fashion is art, even if it has to meet business to survive, and i wish more people would see it this way !

Congratulations Daphne !

This exhibition is currently happening in London :


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12 One-of-a-Kind Tee-Shirts by Maison Moginot !

Dear All,

I’m very pleased to introduce you to this first collection of One-of-a-Kind tee-shirts.
Each shirt is a handcrafted work, made in France, and each print is unique !

Prints are inspired by an abstract vision of corsetry.

Here are a few of the 12 tee-shirts.
The all collection is available HERE :-)

Enjoy !!

xxx Gabriel Moginot

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Me by Connie Fleming :-)

Last summer as i was in NYC for my 30th bday, i saw my beautiful friend Connie Fleming who i’ve first met in Paris with Christine and Paul Steinitz.

This summer, we made a deal, she had corsets from me and i had drawings from her.
Connie is an amazing drawer !! She also work for the honorable Patricia Field :)

xxx Gabriel Moginot

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